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"This is my first time I have ever used a tutor either online or in person. I was a little skeptical of an online tutoring service, but with my demanding job I needed someone who would accommodate my time schedule.
Bharats web site and name came up after a search through Google. I emailed him and set up my first appointment. I was impressed, he covered the topics I was having problems with, and in a manner I could easily understand.

Online and Onsite IT Training

Rose India provides cutting-edge, industry acknowledged training in all computer technologies and other fields. This is the biggest online/onsite training resource for the largest number faculties under a single roof. Rose India is already the leading free online tutorial provider and our tutorials have received reference from renowned software companies. Here you get an opportunity to leverage our considerable expertise in IT training and become industry ready in you chosen technology or field. We also offer Rose India Technologies Certification for every training course undertaken. We are not just limited to IT/Software training but also provide training in other fields for students and professionals alike.